Q.K. Carpenter is a completely real person with a Social Security number and everything. He's totally not the absurdly pseudonymous persona of a mopey white dude poet who sometimes gets tired of moping and just wants to write cool stories. He non-fictionally lives in the real world on the cliffs of a pretty, snowy mountain in an undisclosed location and subsists entirely on raw salmon. He has no major personality flaws and is well-liked by his peers, all of whom also definitely exist.

The Real Q.K.

Q.K. started writing because he loves entertainment that's carefully-crafted and thought-provoking but not a chore to get through, like romances that feel real or action movies with vibrant characters or serial killer thrillers that are just super pretentious. He thinks the avant-garde is great and all, but sometimes crappy genre conventions are the important spoons of sugar to help the abstract medicine down. 

When he's not being aggressively midbrow or spearfishing the finest salmon in [REDACTED], Q.K. enjoys spending time with high self-esteem and lack of meaningful regrets.