On November 8th, Donald Trump became the president-elect of the United States. On November 9th, I published my first novel, A Skylight Mirror.

This hadn't been the plan. I was going to wait until December 1st to release it, giving me enough time to get the hype train going. From a marketing perspective, that probably would have been a better call: I have basically no web presence, literally no pre-release reviews, and I haven't even figured out how to change the dingdang favicon on this website. I wasn't ready to publish. 

But I also wasn't ready for Donald Trump to win. I wasn't ready for a man whose fledgling political career has been based entirely on hatred and egotism to become the most powerful man on earth. I wasn't ready for someone so weak and so intent on showing strength to be given the full might of the American military. I'm still not ready, and the news is heartbreaking and terrifying and infuriating and, maybe most of all, tiring.

It's time like these that I most urgently turn to stories. For escape, sure, but also nourishment, and perspective, and hope. Losing myself in the author's imagination reminds me that we can envision more than we currently have. That what is will not always be, and we have the ability to conceive of better.

So I hit publish. A Skylight Mirror is a hopeful book, one that I felt kinda naïve for writing: it's about people finding goodness in each other even when goodness is most absent from the world at large. But the part of me that makes up Q K Carpenter--the optimistic part, the generous part, the part who rejects even the most convincing arguments for despair--won out. And if my persona's victory can soothe even one person still reeling from Trump's, then it'll be worth it.

You can find it on Amazon here.